Thursday, July 02, 2009

hi canadians!

I finished preparing the rent for all of our US locations, got the Treasurer to sign it, and went into Excel to send the spreadsheet to Accounts Payable.

And then I saw this folder: Canada Rent.

To which I said: "Oh, oops!" And then laughed hysterically, because forgetting to pay the rent for our Canada locations is kind of more than an oops.

I'm sure you're really super important to our business, Canadians! I'll try hard not to get you evicted!


  1. "Oh, oops" indeed! That would be quite an oversight to explain, "Oh, you mean you want me to pay the Canadian rents too? My bad!" It would all be simpler if we just annexed them as Dad often comments we should...

  2. All I can think of is Terrence and Philip working in a call center in Canada farting into the phone when people won't pay their bills. How aboot that?