Thursday, July 09, 2009

what i do with my brain while i work

Sometimes, my job doesn't take up a lot of mental space. While my body is scanning, renaming files, typing in spreadsheets, etc, my mind tends to wander. I hear songs in my head over and over and over, make budgets and resolutions, and daydream about the strangest things.

Like what to name my netbook. You know, the one everyone I know is going in on for my birthday.


1. George. Because I will love him and hug him and ... call him George.
2. Giorgio. Because if I call him George, my mom will say "when you say George, all I can think of is your uncle George, and ew." It'll be a little in joke and won't work my mom's gag reflex.
3. Gigi. Because Giorgio is getting too masculine. Why couldn't the netbook be a girl? But wait, not Gigi, because I want to name my daughter Julia, and Gigi is actually a really really cute nickname for Julia (especially since one of my nicknames is Kiki). And if I name my computer Gigi, then I won't want to call my daughter Gigi, just like I can't name my son Gabriel because I named a cat Gabriel.
4. Sammy. Short for Samsung. Cute, simple, androgenous. I like it.

So actually, I spent the last hour of work 1) doing work, 2) naming my netbook and 3) nicknaming my as-yet-unconceived daughter. That's what I call productivity.

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  1. Actually, surprisingly, I didn't think of Uncle George (ew). I had an alligator growing up named George, plus I understood the hug and squeeze and call him George reference -of mice and men, right?