Monday, July 20, 2009

lady, you have no idea

This morning, one of my coworkers was describing to another what happens when you have an MRI. She described how they slide something over your face, and how it made her really claustrophobic, so she kept her eyes closed the whole time. "And then they pulled me out of the tube to inject the dye, and I thought they'd taken the head thing off, and I opened my eyes, and oh my God!"

And I wanted to add:

Yeah, and then your eyes got all scratchy and bloodshot
and your nose and throat and chest suddenly fill up
and it's kind of hard to breathe
and you can't help but sneeze, but you still try to stay as still as you can
and your right eye gets all purple and swollen and shiny
and when they say your name you think they're talking about you, not to you, because you're all disoriented, and they come running in thinking you're not breathing...

or maybe that's just me?

Yes, MRI's can be really scary, but yours sounds like it was pretty normal, so maybe you should quit your whining.


  1. Whiney people suck.

    You know who else sucks? People who don't write about AWESOME vacations in their blogs. Those people suck most of all.

    I think they had their noogie/binky taken away too soon.

  2. Yeah, that was kinda scary, huh?