Thursday, May 21, 2009

fake it 'til... it's 5

2:44: Start a log of my inactivity for my blog.
2:44: Recreate spreadsheet someone sent me. She thinks we have a credit and I think she’s wrong. Let’s fight about it.
2:47: Boring! Order business cards instead. I know how to use a fax machine!
2:58: Look for french onion soup on the cafeteria menu for next week (I ♥ sodium!) Search ends in disappointment.
3:12: I’m one incorrect login away from locking myself out of a program for which I’m the administrator. Remember I have a new password and type it in very carefully.
3:31: Paying bills: it’s more fun when it’s not your money.
3:49: OMG someone’s inane ringtone has been playing nonstop for like 15 minutes. Someone really wants to talk to someone.
3:50: The phone just made a noise that I can only guess means there’s a new voicemail. Does that mean it’s over?
3:51: No, no it does not.
4:02: It’s still ringing, and now it’s harshing my data entry mellow.
4:03: Panic. There is no scanning for today. If I can’t pretend that removing staples, scanning, renaming files, and moving them into a folder takes an hour, what will I do during that hour?
4:19: Work is falling out of the sky! I am so oppressed!
4:41: Did my left armrest just get lower?
4:43: The Controller & Treasurer just printed something to the printer behind me, collected it, and said “Yes!” Is that usually a more difficult process for him?
4:53: Read news articles about people killing people and look at the clock in the right-hand corner a few times per minute.


  1. I'm so glad we paid for a fine college education so you can now be bored silly at work - go us!
    Mom & Dad

  2. At least people aren't threatening to punch you at work...

    But yes. Afterwards one would fake it for the rest of the night until closing. Not that I'd know anything about that.

    I love this entry though, we should totally see more timetables.