Friday, May 29, 2009

where was i?

Every now and then when I'm entering data, I find that my eyes have come unfocused, and I've been thinking about something (I rarely remember what) for some unknown amount of time.

I read what's on the screen, but I don't recognize it. I don't read this stuff, I just type it.

So I scroll to the bottom of the list and find that yes, two or three or five minutes ago, before I started thinking about what I'd make for dinner or the book I'm reading or the tone of that email I just received, I did enter that project.

I'm hoping it's just extreme boredom and not some slow mental decay that's causing me, more than once a day, to find myself staring at a corner of my screen, unaware of what I've just been doing or thinking.


  1. Let's keep our fingers crossed for extreme boredom option!!

  2. Same thing happens to me Kiki. I'm suddenly walking towards my office and I stop and think, "what am I doing? What was I doing, and what was I about to go do?" Then I laugh and try to keep myself from buying sugar cookies. 2 for a dollar don't ya know?

    You can guess what happens from there.