Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a rose, by any other name, would be a lazy bitch

I got married on December 31st, 2008. Here's the timeline of me changing my name:

December 31st: Introduced by the DJ as Mrs. [husband's name] [new last name]

January 1st: Changed my name on Facebook in the hotel's business center (FACT: My frenemies from high school can still find me by typing in my old name. Huzzah!)

January 5th: Got a new gmail address (firstinitialmiddleinitialnewlastname@gmail.com) and forwarded the mail from my old gmail address (firstinitialmiddleinitialoldlastname@gmail.com).

January 6th: Changed my signature in Outlook at work.

February 19th: Left work early to book it to the DMV (I didn't speed Mom, promise). My grandfather's wife, when booking the tickets for our trip to California, had asked which name she should put on my ticket. I answered, confidently, "My new name. My license will definitely have my new name by then." Cue epic fail. Only the photo center was open, so I brought my marriage license with me to California (asking my husband about 100 times during the trip "do you have the license?"). For the record, the folks at LAX care way more than the folks at PHL do.

And that concludes our timeline. Oh, did you notice a problem? Like, how I still introduce myself by my old name? Still sign my old name? Have changed nothing official, unless by official you mean Google rather than the government? How my old name still is my name?

Yeah, I should really get on that... except, what's that shiny thing over there?


  1. Your husband much love you a lot to put up with failing for so long...

    Or be equally distracted by shiny objects that he doesn't help you organize the stuff to get done.

    Little from column A, little from B, like I always say.

  2. It's OK if you never change your name, honey. You're still one of us...one of us...one of us...cue scary music.