Sunday, June 07, 2009

my reading list

Okay, so I got addicted to Twilight. Like, couldn't stop thinking about it, ignoring everything else around me to read just one more page and then just one more, and then I finished. Michael actually remarked to me that I was taking quite a long time to finish. I read the last two dozen pages over a couple of days. It was hard to let go.

In a moment of panic that the series that had become my raison d'ĂȘtre was ending, I had promised myself that I could just start again from the beginning. But when I finished the last book, as much as it hurt, I decided to let go.

I went online and looked up lists like Time's 100 Greatest Novels of All Time, looked the titles up on Wikipedia, and compiled a reading list for myself. A list of 80 novels that I read for a class but didn't appreciate (like Animal House, which fifth-grade me had no idea was about Communism), or had just never read before.

I had an epiphany in college, when they stopped having us read about Plato and started having us read Plato. It can be hard and confusing and boring, sure, but if you pull out a dictionary and re-read some sentences, the classics aren't impossible.

I had a second epiphany in my Russian literature class. The classics aren't classics because they're impenetrable and War and Peace long, but because they're great stories.

So I've been reading some great stories. The books I've read so far have been depressing and rewarding. In addition to sharing some laughs at my own idiocy and my status as low man on the corporate totem pole, I'll share thoughts on what I'm reading.


  1. Reading is good for the soul. You're lucky that the classics do it for you. It's hard for me to pull away from scifi and fantasy. I do from time to time, but I don't have the dedication to read the classics like you.

  2. Let me know when you come across a "good story" that doesn't make you want to slit your wrists when you're done reading it - then, I'm in!