Friday, June 19, 2009

my incessant trash-picking

You would never guess it from my apartment, but I'm kind of a neat-freak, at least at work. I love having my desk perfectly cleared. I keep the papers I need to work with organized in manilla folders in my inbox. My boss commented today on how nice and neat my desk was, and it occurred to me that she might think I don't have enough to do, because whose desk looks like that?

When I'm done with a paper, it goes in the trash, and I mean right now. So a lot of times I find I need something that I just threw away, and I have to dig for it. This happened to me like five times one morning, and it finally occurred to me to be a little self-conscious about it. I mean, I'm just picking papers out of a container full of papers most of the time, but if every time you turn around you see someone digging in the trash, what do you think of that person?

Also, I can't deny that in a moment of desperation I may have dug in the trash can for the tissue I had already used to death and thrown out because there was just nothing else and what was I supposed to do? Drown? Stop judging me.

Okay, a few moments of desperation. Okay, like, at least a dozen moments of desperation.


  1. I used to keep my desk at work really neat too! Obviously I didn't follow through with the at-home neatness kick either;) You should really get a box of tissues for your desk, though. Digging discarded papers out of trash = no biggie, used tissues, however...

  2. It's cool that you care about stuff enough to trash pick. Me, I just say oh well. Most of the time people forget what they needed from me anyway, so it works out.

    I have used trash items before though. Like a packet of Neo-sporin. I swear it was on the top, not touching anything else. But yes, it probably was a bad idea.