Monday, June 08, 2009

i am so persecuted today

I was coding some bills, and because I had nothing more exciting to think about, I became annoyed with the pen I was using. It had a big barrel, a little tiny point, and made my letters look weird.

So I reached into my pen holder, took out my favorite pen, and took the cap off. Except the cap was still on. But I just... oh.

My favorite pen is dead. It was a Sharpie pen, and it was the first gift that I ever received, as official office supply bitch, from Office Depot. Sitting on my desk, it looks like I let a dog play with it. It was fun to chew on and wrote well. I loved it, it's gone, and I'm officially in mourning.

In fact, I'm so upset that I'm in mourning retroactively. I've decided that the demise of my beloved pen explains the funk I've been in all morning. Also the remarkable lack of any activity that might be characterized as "work."


  1. Oh the death of a good pen... how tragic.

    I think it's funny how our work lives seems to mirror one another's. I have been getting increasingly little "real work" done ever since I've begun training the new guy. And no one cares.

    Hang in there. Just keep yelling 'save us' when it gets to be too much.

  2. Well, what do you expect from a Monday?

    And stop chewing on your pens! I thought you were broken of that particular bad habit...