Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the art of the sarcastic yay

I typed "yay" into my cell phone.

I was going to follow it up with an ellipsis, to indicate that my "yay" was sarcastic.

I pushed "1" and my cell phone gave me an exclamation point. Because when I say "yay," just like when I saw "awesome," I usually finish the sentence up with an exclamation point.

I pressed "1" again, and my phone gave me "!." (And I asked, as I so often ask my cell phone, "Why would I be trying to say that?") One more time, and my sentence now ended "yay!.."

I had to delete this conflicting punctuation and fight my phone every step of the way. No, I don't want an exclamation point, I want a period. And no, I don't want a period followed by a comma (because seriously, why on earth would I ever want that?), I want a period followed by a period. And then another one.

I'm obviously not sarcastic enough in my text messages, if my phone isn't trained by now.


  1. As the one who received the messages, I can definitely say the phone does not adequately convey the depth and skill of your sarcastic responses.

  2. Phones think they're so smart - they really piss me off! We need a "sarcasm ready" plug-in or something. To be on the safe side, I always just assume you're being sarcastic...