Friday, June 26, 2009

umm, self? what are you doing?

I peeled the paper off of a muffin, and at least a tenth of the muffin stuck to the paper. So I did what any rational person would do, and pushed the paper inside-out and started eating the stuck-on muffin bits off of it.

When I was about half-way done, it occurred to me that I probably looked really terribly attractive all hunched over this paper, eating the absolutely essential 1/10th of a muffin off of it. Luckily it's a Friday and it's summer, so there's nobody in the office to see me. I didn't even finish eating the stuck-on muffin bits, so unattractive was the mental image I had of myself.

So I have to ask, am I alone in finding myself in these situations? Half-way done doing something that suddenly seems totally gross or weird or ridiculous (e.g. stapling rolled-up tissues)? Do other people, like, think before they act, thereby avoiding these situations?


  1. I make funny faces that I'm unaware of (you usually tell me, "uh, Mom, lookin' kinda goofy when you make that face".
    I would have eaten the muffin bits and probably never would have thought about how gross I looked.

  2. I went to a diner once with people I hadn't seen since graduation and never hung out with before, so the possibility of being judged was considerable and I probably should've been on my best behavior. Well, my last fry fell below table level (but onto my purse, not the seat! I swear!) These were realllly good fries so, obviously, I salvaged it in the most discreet way possible. Only to look up and see this kid is staring at me. He says, "I saw that."