Wednesday, June 10, 2009

these pens, they are not so great

When I was in high school, I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. The procedure itself totally sucked. When I got back to my mom's car, I totally freaked the fuck out. I honestly believed I had been awake during it. (Now I realize that I was probably dreaming, bad-tripping, whatever, as the things I thought I heard made absolutely no sense in that context).

So my mom, being totally awesome, bought me a kitten. What better when you're feeling down, right?

Except the Vicodin they gave me made me depressed. And, like, kittens cost money. I apparently had a little trouble bonding with the kitten, and totally started crying about not loving the kitten enough. Not that I disliked the kitten, just that I didn't love her enough to warrant the money that my mom had spent. That's not even the craziest thing I've felt guilty about in my life, folks.

I tell you all that to tell you this: I'm not in love with the green pens, so much. Turns out they're still boring stick pens, even in green. And the green isn't very bright. Surprise surprise, considering each pen cost less than $.13.

But I've made progress, you see! I don't feel bad at all for not loving the green pens enough.


  1. The Pens are always greener... :-P

  2. You have made progress - you even fight your bad guys in your dreams now. I'll buy you some sharpie pens and make everything better, OK? Moms like to "fix things", you know?