Friday, June 05, 2009

smile! you're on candid camera

Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my cubicle, so that I could show people the extremely ridiculous things I do sometimes, especially when I'm dealing with my phone.

Once, the CFO's line was ringing. I was messing with a pile of papers on my desk and knocked the phone off its hook, effectively answering it. So I, very smoothly, hung it back up, because I was totally unprepared for that shit.

Today I attempted to hang my phone up and the result was the opposite of smooth. You know how when you're holding a fish, sometimes it wriggles out of your hands? And you try to catch it, and you kind of get your hands around it, and then it wriggles out again? And, like, lands in the pond? I did that with my phone. Which was totally not wriggling.

When I accepted that I had just totally lost control of the situation, I let it fall to my desk. When I was sure it was done moving, I picked it up and set it carefully on its hook. Then I just kind of shook my head and sighed.

If only I had that camera, I could have a million hits on Youtube by now.


  1. Oh my god. Wow.

    You are... a little ridiculous. Awesome, but ridiculous. But I have to say, I admire your way of dealing with things. The 'delete' button, saying you never got it, and just hanging up the phone. I always worry that it could be traced back to me.

    Yes I'm paranoid. People thing I "demonstrate courage" at work, but it's really just demonstrating I don't want to get caught ignoring something.

    I so wish I could see that. Can picture it though..

  2. Are you sure the phone wasn't wriggling? Phone are devious sometimes. I like the "hang it up and ignore it" way of dealing with things - shows initiative.