Tuesday, June 09, 2009

roll your eyes with me

I walked into the break room and someone asked me "Do you know who brought the cake in?"

Seriously, people. Eat the freaking cake.

Also, I seem to have broken the pen I've been using since my favorite pen died. The barrel is cracked, and so the bottom half of the pen is doing that annoying dislodging thing, where suddenly only a little bit of the tip is exposed.

First on my to-do list this afternoon: toss my second-favorite pen into the graveyard that is my wastebasket and see how pen #3 works out. (It's the wide-barrelled one that was annoying me yesterday, so this oughta be good).

And before I could even finish typing this entry, someone actually said to me, "I was in the break room, asking Maryann who brought the cake in..."


  1. Omg, eat the cake. Who turns down cake? Now that's the person I wouldn't turn my back on.

    Cause people who don't eat cake, likely eat other people. Cannibals are real yo, and they may be in your office.

  2. I never turn down cake, whatever the source.

    I say you order some more of the sharpie pens that you love so much. After all, you are the office supply bitch!