Wednesday, May 27, 2009

who brought the cupcakes in?

Yesterday afternoon, brownies emerged in the break room. I didn't go into the break room yesterday afternoon, I know that the brownies were there because I heard the women around me asking where they came from. Not idly wondering, mind you. These women were on a mission, because if they didn't know who brought the brownies in, they weren't going to eat them.

This morning, a cake and a tray of cupcakes joined the brownies. And at least two dozen times today, I heard the question "who brought the cupcakes in?"

Here's the thing. I don't care who brought the cupcakes in. I don't work with anyone dirty enough that I wouldn't eat their cupcakes. But if I took a cupcake back to my desk, these women, dying for a cupcake, would ask me who brought them in. And I'd have to admit that I was willing to eat dirty cupcakes from unknown origins.

So I put a piece of cake in a styrofoam cup and took it to my desk. It was delicious.


  1. Now seriously, how dirty could the cupcakes be anyway? And the baking process has got to kill a buncha germs too, right?

  2. You did the right thing. Never turn down cupcakes. I feel like I have a cookie monster inside of me lately. Or possibly a tapeworm.


    I've decided to accept sweets wherever and from whomever I can find them. I suppose I should be glad I made this decision later in life. As a young, adorable, cute little boy I'm sorry many a kidnapper would have liked to take me away luring me away with candy.

    Which is why my parents had me where a shirt that said, "If you see me I'm lost, please call xxx-xxxx so I can be found."

    I was totally kidnapper proof.